Alex enjoys new zoo and you will was astonished as he read Marty’s desire to exit and live-in the insane

Alex enjoys new zoo and you will was astonished as he read Marty’s desire to exit and live-in the insane


Alex contains the identity much like that a high profile due to the fact the guy turned the superstar of your own zoo at an incredibly early age.

Since fundamental interest of your own zoo, he’s seemed greatly into gift ideas and provide an “Alex the latest Lion” snow industry or any other gifts in order to Marty having his birthday. He in addition to shows an enthusiastic infatuation with steak, even in the event after commentary that sushi preferences better.

In the first flick, he had been very frightened when he found their predatory character and you may performed their best to split up themselves away from others to guard them. Despite their satisfaction and you will selfishness, Alex is really loyal to their almost every other Zooster family unit members, specifically Marty. Alex never will lose the chance to flaunt and you may brag you to definitely he or she is a star, but sometimes some examples build your afraid, instance when he attempts to deal with the newest penguins or their tries to flirt which have Gia from the circus. They are in addition to calculated to fix something when he knows the guy rotten her or him, such when he matches that have Marty, or his try to re-go with brand new lion’s satisfaction or even to encourage the latest Zoosters to help you return to the new circus and you can apologize to everyone.

Alex is even extremely productive, they can raise spirits to everyone as much as your and likewise has a leadership skills, especially in the third movie, when he also seems to lead a complete circus.


When Alex try young, Zuba offered your instruction for the bing search and you can assaulting however, was troubled when he (title provided to him of the their moms and dads ahead of losing him) common in order to dancing. In another of his lessons, when Zuba try distracted to battle Makunga, Alakay try seized because of the poachers, since the his father made an effort to conserve him before getting shot from inside the the ear by among the many seekers, causing your to fall from the truck, Alakay’s field fell to your lake and you will Zuba don’t see, time for going after the fresh seekers.

Zuba spent months shopping for Alakay out of the reserve until he reached a certain go out in which the guy thought however maybe not get back since candidates got slain your. Zuba invested the last age blaming himself towards the loss of his guy.

Whenever Alex and also the zoosters appear on the almost every other dogs out of Africa, Zuba don’t receive her or him really. In addition, Alex left considering your once the his deal with are somewhat familiar, Zuba mistook Alex’s terms and conditions once the a problem in order to his leader leadership and endangered your, but was stopped by his spouse, Florrie, whom instantaneously understood your given that his child. Zuba and you will Florrie accepted him by birthmark out-of his paw, ergo ultimately healing his destroyed kid. Alex is happy to remember that he’d moms and dads. Alex advised their mothers he are new “King of brand new York:, nonetheless they interpreted your due to the fact very being a genuine Queen. Zuba was happy to the arrival of their boy, the guy also produced your on the pleasure, however, Makunga told you he could not be region up to the guy enacted the fresh Rite regarding Passage hullabaloo.

Later in the day, Zuba and Florrie exhibited Alex in which he slept when he is a good cub, they even informed him exactly how he’d disappeared at the time. Zuba was still blaming themselves for just what taken place however, Florrie always reminded him that it was never his fault. Their mothers finished up encouraging your and you will prepared your best wishes into rite of one’s following day.

Unfortuitously, Alex forgotten the latest rite as he believed that it had been extremely a dance battle and not a battle. He and his family unit members was actually banished when Makunga got control. Alex is actually disappointed when their dad informed him which he are maybe not a genuine lion.

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