Borrow money app – the 7 apps everyone should know

Borrow money app – the 7 apps everyone should know

We all need a loan at some point in time. Whether it is for a planned expense, an unexpected indulgence or an emergency, consider a loan via a borrow money app. Apps that loan you money are great for bridging cash flow gaps. Loans can also help to finance the purchase of a large, expensive item that you can’t otherwise afford.


PockBox is the perfect app to get cash advances of up to $2,500 in installment loans Vermont minutes. The process is sleek and straightforward. You will just have to give some information about yourself.The PockBox app should then connect you to the best lender possible and approve you in a matter of minutes.


Millions of people are downloading Chime to manage and access their money! One of the key reasons is its SpotMe feature, which lets you overdraft your account via debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals with no overdraft fees. Limits start at $20 and can be increased up to $200.*

There is no cost to enroll in SpotMe, and once you set up your account to receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more a month, Chime will cover up to $200 in overdrafts on your account – without charging you overdraft fees!

A casual dinner with your family comes to $65, but you only have $50 in your bank account. If you use your bank debt card to pay for this meal, you’ll instantly be hit with an overdraft fee of $35 or more, meaning dinner could wind up costing you $100! (Plus, your bank may even decline to pay your transaction, creating an embarrassing situation!)

But if you’ve set up SpotMe (and have your paycheck regularly deposited into your account) and use your Chime debit card to pay for that meal, that $15 overdraft will be covered with no fee to you. The next time you make a deposit to your Chime account, the $15 negative balance will be instantly cleared.

While SpotMe doesn’t have high overdraft limits, it will show you how much you can spend right in the app to help you avoid fees, as well as those embarrassing moments when your transactions are declined. You can access $20 in overdrafts right away (which can help you avoid those frustrating fees banks charge you for being overdrawn by just a few dollars) and you can grow your limit overtime.

The best part is that the sign up process is really quick and easy (less than 2 minutes). Click here to check it out.

Download money app

Taking out a loan with a money app is straightforward and you can often do it from your mobile phone or tablet. Some apps have a website too. These are the steps:

  • Find and download your app. Go to your device app store – Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices such as an iPhone. Search for the app you want to use and download it to your phone, installing it when the download is complete. Note that some apps are only accessible via the app’s website.
  • Complete your personal details. Every app will require your basic details including your full name, email address and often your physical address and phone number.
  • Provide further information. Some apps will require further information. Earnin, for example, requires proof of your income. FasterFunds will require your social security number. Each app has slightly different requirements.
  • Connect your bank account. Both MoneyLion and Dave are examples of apps which require you to connect your bank account before you can get your funds. Often connecting your bank account also means the app automatically deducts repayments from your bank balance.

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