Mein Nick bin ich! Nicknames within the a Italian language Forum on Food Disorders

Mein Nick bin ich! Nicknames within the a Italian language Forum on Food Disorders

Wyke Stommel, Mein Nick container ich! Nicknames during the a Italian language Community forum into the Food Problems, Record regarding Computers-Mediated Communication, Volume 13, Issue step 1, , Profiles 141–162,


This post helps guide you nicknames which might be used by professionals in a great German forum towards the eating disorders is going to be realize given that label displays and exactly how they are about dining issues. A qualitative analysis of 83 nicknames of Hungrig-On line discussion board indicates that denotational and you can stereotypical keeps, and well-identified referents of your labels, interdependently define people. Persona properties eg smallness, weightlessness, childishness, negative notice-comparison, and you can anxiety, and (arguably) self-believe, get becoming obvious regarding nicknames; all of these functions shall be related to multifaceted femininity. These types of conclusions is actually upcoming linked to standard properties from eating disorders. For the concluding, brand new much-interacting with guidelines to possess subscription away from nicknames from the discussion board try removed into consideration and you may questioned, for this parece play a particularly essential role in the term construction.


Identity, or the character of thinking, try an important cause for dining disorders. Thus, nicknames given that representing otherwise developing name is relevant phenomena inside context that can feel claimed to experience a significant role. Regardless of if an approved words is the fact that anorectic woman “conveys with her human body what she’s struggling to tell us that have terms” ( Orbach, 2001, p. 83), nicknaming given that a keen emblematic behavior accords having certain therapy style of dinner conditions and that focus on discursive issues (e.grams., Secure, Epston, & Maisel, 2004). A regular symptom of food disorders are negative self-evaluation otherwise lack of self-worth ( Cost, Schmidt, & Furth, 2005). In the event that subjects flourish in combating this new food disorder, its healing is about alter regarding the thinking otherwise personal term, and therefore again tends to be linked to discursive term techniques particularly nicknaming.

New main case of this study is how nicknames (referred to as “nicks”) build identities otherwise selves 1 in the fresh new German forum Hungrig-Online(henceforth described as HO). Instead of into the specialist-anorectic internet-founded surroundings (discover, elizabeth.g., Chesley, Alberts, Klein, & Kreipe, 2003; Dias, 2003), where females safeguard and you will remind a relentless search for slimness, regarding HO community forum people that have restaurants dilemmas decide to get well from their illness. The discussion board people seem to experience the nicknames due to the fact essential. Ergo it’s first debated one to nicknames is gadgets getting identity and you may sex structure within the HO. A strategy that conceptualizes nicknames while the temperament indexicals otherwise actor-focal emblems ( Agha, 2007) functions as the fresh new theoretic records having reading stereotypical image services for the nicknames.

If the nicknames was considered emblems off thinking framework towards Websites, which raises questions relating to what kinds of identities appear in nicknames when you look at the an online peer ecosystem eg HO. dos To help you target these concerns, a short exploration of your own character of one’s mind during the dining issues are demonstrated. Extra attention was paid down to help you feminist approaches to food conditions, and therefore make an effort to account for the fact that it is mostly ladies who have eg issues. Next, nicknames was theorized just like the indexical demeanors having denotational properties in check to dispute having a learning out of nicknames while the (culture-specific) cues for the text message-in-perspective, therefore the idea of sex as the most preferred name element developed by way of labels is actually elaborated on. A speech of approach follows, which has an introduction to the brand new HO neighborhood, for instance the rules that connect with the synthesis of nicknames, and you will an account off ethical look considerations inside framework. New findings of one’s research show numerous repeated persona functions eg while the female, childish, special, depressed, and worry about-pretty sure. The brand new the quantity to which trucker dating service these are plausibly about dining problems will then be looked.

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